Is this Admission direct or I will have to give any Entrance test?

All admissions in China for foreign students are direct.  So far NO Entrance test is taken by any University in China. However all Universities have a minimum percentage requirement like 60% or 70% in PCB and in English. All admissions are done on the basis of who applied 1st, provided minimum percentage is there. So earlier you apply, better is your chance of admission.

Some Universities will take interview over phone or Skype to judge the English speaking power of the student, before granting admission.

Which is the best time to Apply?

The best time to apply is before end of February of the year of admission. All seats will be booked by that time. So apply before february to get confirmed admission in China

I will be appearing for my final 10+2 exam this year. Can I apply before getting the mark sheet?

Yes you can always book your seat on the basis of 10 mark sheet and paying the Booking amount. Students who book their seat through us will get 100% admission.

I do not have passport. Can I apply now?

Yes you can apply without passport. But you must apply it as soon as possible. We will require your passport before July end to make necessary papers. Some Universities will not accept application without passport.

I am already 10+2 passed out and I have 70% in PCB and in English. Can I get confirmed admission in my choice of University?

Yes you can get confirmed admission in your choice of University in that case, but you must apply immediately before all seats in that University are filled up.

I will be appearing in AIPMT / NEET and other State Board entrance exams in India. Can I wait for the final results to come out in June and then apply?

Sorry then come back next year. This year there is no chance for you in China.

I will book my seat now paying the Booking amount. But if I get a seat in India, will the application money be refunded?

NO. Application or Booking money can not be refunded under any circumstances. University fees paid by that time will also not be refunded. That is why in general, University fees are taken after June. By that time all results will be declared.

What if I fail in 10+2 exam or can not secure minimum percentage required by the University? Will my money refunded?

Application or Booking money can not be refunded in either case. However if your percentage is low we will try our level best to get your admission done in any MCI approved colleges in China. So far all students who has booked through us has got admission. If, by chance , that is not done, we will arrange your admission in other countries for sure without wasting a year. But if you fail in 10+2 then we are helpless.

I will book now and I know I will get a good percentage. Now I want to wait till the final counseling in my state medical council which will be around middle of August. Can I wait?

Surely you can wait till August middle. But for most of the Universities you must pay their Tuition fees as required after getting the Admission Letter. Otherwise your admission will be automatically cancelled and no money will be refunded. University will take new student from their waiting list in that case.

For some Universities date of entry is 1st week of September. In case of those Universities you have to run the other process of payment in India and China both and do the submission of documents side by side. Else we will not be able to process your paper and eventually you wont be able to reach the University before last date.

Ok I will book now and I will get more than 80% in PCB and 80% in English. Even after that if I dont get admission, what will happen then?

NO chance of that. In those universities where interview is not taken, we will guarantee 100% admission. This is because we take Applications as per our limitations of seat only. We do not take any single extra application like other consultancies.

In those Universities where interview is taken, your admission somehow depends on the quality of your  interview.

I have heard that every year MCI publish new approved list for China. Suppose I apply for one University and suddenly after that it is out of MCI list, then what will happen?

MCI list usually is published in the month of May. Now we are doing admissions for only those Universities which are well established for many years plus holding very high ranks in the world.  Those Universities will not go out of the list. Worst if it happens, then we will try our level best to accommodate you in another MCI APPROVED COLLEGE / UNIVERSITY.  If that cant be done, then we will refund your full money or give you options to take admission in other countries like Russia, Ukraine, Philippines etc. We are the only consultancy who does admission for almost all countries where Indian students usually go.

Where can I do my Internship?

Itís optional depending upon your choice whether to do in China as well as in your home country.

What shall be the total expenditure including Hostel & Food?

Please refer to the FEES STRUCTURE of different Universities.

What is the procedure for admission?

Kindly check Admission Procedure.

What is the mode of travel & cost?

Mode of travel shall be by air from Kolkata/Delhi Airport to Kunming / Guangzhou / Shanghai (2 hrs 10 mins / 4 hrs 30 mins / 6 hrs) and then by flight from Kunming / Guangzhou / Shanghai airport to the city where the particular university is located. In very few cases we will take the student from Guangzhou / Beijing / Shanghai airport to the city of the University by fastest train (4  hrs maximum)

What is the course duration for an MBBS in China?

In all the Medical Universities in China the course duration is 5 years and 1 year for Internship to be done in China or the student's home country. Basically its 4 years 9 months course. Classes start in Sept/Oct/Nov every year and ends in July of the 5th year. For example (2016 Oct to 2021 July).

What is MCI Screening Test?

The Medical Council of India stipulates that all students studying MBBS programme from Medical Colleges outside India and wants to practice in India after completion of their programme, need to appear for a SCREENING TEST officially known as FMGE  ( Foreign Medical Graduate Examination ) taken by NBE ( National Board of Examination )  which is a 300 marks no negetive marking MCQ test.

This test is presently taken in 27 cities all over India. Within 2 years there will be in total 55 centers in India which will include all state capitals.

What happens if I fail to clear the screening test of MCI?

Normally a student who passes MBBS from Medical Universities in China is always expected to clear the test due to its high standard of Medical education in China. After graduation one can attempt any number of chances to pass the MCI screening exams which is held twice a year in June & December. We provide comprehensive but optional coaching ( it has to be paid separately @ Rs 85,000/- now ) for MCI screening in Online Mode with 5000 Mock Test questions to all our students through which students are confident enough to clear the Screening Test.  We just expect the students to clear MCI test who study properly according to the guidelines told to them by us and the University from time to time.

What about my food? Will I have to eat only Chinese food?

In all the Medical Universities in China there are 4 to 10 canteens within the campus where semi Indian type food is available, so no need to eat Chinese food. However Chinese canteens are also there, so students can change their taste whenever they wish. However do not expect same home made taste and flavor as you get in your own home. All kind of vegetable available in the sub continent are also available in China.  Similarly Egg, all kinds of fresh water Fish, Chicken, Mutton, Beef are also in abundant. In every hostel room there is a kitchen attached, so if the student wish then he/she can cook sometimes.

Is the course approved by MCI?

The MCI cannot approve or disapprove any foreign degree. But they conduct a screening test just to see what they have learned in medical colleges ouside India and allow successful candidates to register with them to practice in India only to those students who have studied and obtained MBBS degree from those Medical Colleges which are listed in the WHO. From 2016, MCI has published a new approved list for all countries. Kindly check the new list.  

Is MBBS in China expensive?

No. MBBS from medical universities in China is much cheaper compared to studying MBBS at any private Medical College in the sub continent plus the basic facilities are of 1st world standard. Infact the total expenses in these universities is almost one - third than the cost in any private medical college in India.  Study of MBBS being cheap in China, students from USA, UK, West European countries come in a huge numbers to China.

How much time is required to reach the college from India?

Max  Medical Colleges in China are 2 to 10 hrs away from Kolkata / Delhi

How many times can I come home in a year?

There are two vacations in all the  Medical Colleges in China, winter and summer. The winter vacation is during Jan-Feb & the Summer Vacation is during July-September. The Summer vacation is normally for 7 weeks  and you can easily visit your home during this period. That is also the end of term.

How do I get a Visa? Will you be arranging it for me?

Yes we will process your visa application in case of students from India. We will assist students from Africa, Middle East and other countries with the necessary visa papers.

How are the living expenses in China?

Living cost in China is very less, food cost just Rs 60,000/- ( 900 USD) a year in the Canteen within the campus & student's pocket money cost less than Rs 2000/Month (30 USD).

Does studying in China is worthful?

To secure admissions in Medical Colleges in India, Bangladesh and Nepal for a student has become very tough day by day due to severe shortage in medical seats in comparison to the number of students aspiring for MBBS whereas we have booked a certain number of seats in different  Medical Universities in China for International students , which will be filled through us only.  It is absolutely worthful as in these University's Medical education and other facilities is at par world standard  and is recognized throughout the world for its mass-oriented phase and students passing out from there are eligible to sit for even USMLE (USA), PLAB (UK) etc. Moreover you will have to study the same books which are taught in Indian Medical Colleges. Plus the practical training in China is no doubtedly 100 times better than India specially from the private medical colleges in India.

Do I have to learn Mandarin (Chinese)?

Yes you have learn Chinese Language in all the Universities in China. Language classes are part of the course and is taken daily for 45 mins till your last day in University. This will help you for your day to day activities in the market, railway station, airport etc. But most importantly it is required to converse / communicate with patients during your internship program and PG course. In some Universities you will have to pass HSK4 exam which will be taken in the 3rd year.

Do any Indian professors teach there?

Yes. In the Universities in China a few teachers and professsors are of Indian sub continent origin and some are from other SAARC countries too. All other teachers are Chinese and all of them are Post Graduate Doctors with excellent skil in English.  However with few teachers you may find problem with their pronounciation and grammar  in the initial days. 

Can I practice in my Homeland on my return?

Yes. You can practice in your homeland. In order to practice as a medical practioner you have to register yourself with the State or Indian Medical Council or BMDC or NMC depending on your origin. In case of India you have to appear for a screening test. On clearing the screening test you are eligible for registration as a doctor and allowed to practice on par with all other doctors. You will get the same Degree from Medical Council of your country as given to the students studying in that country. 

Can I get a job in a Government Hospital or allied medical institutions in India?

Yes. You are eligible for any government appointment at par the same salary structure of your counterpart who have done MBBS from your Homeland.

Can I do MD/MS, meaning, Post-Graduation there?

Yes on successful completion of MBBS you may pursue PG courses there. In case of india, once you clear MCI screening Exams you are entitled for Permanent Medical registration, after that you can apply for PG course in India.

Are there many students from the sub continent studying there?

Yes. There are currently over 18,000 students from Indian sub continent studying in the the Medical Universities in China out of which almost 35% are girl students. Security wise China is most probably the best in the whole world.

Is the Medical Universities Government owned or Private?

All medical universities in China are government owned.

Will Omkar Medicom assist me, support me till I become a Doctor?

Yes. We will support and assist you in all possible respects till you become a Doctor. Our only expectation from the students is that they should study and give their full effort in that. Leave the rest to us. We are there with you always to help you in all possible respects.
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