In the history of 74 years, our school has followed and developed the tradition in school-running, “Create medical professionals for Guangxi, who serve the local people of the province.”, and with generations of pioneering and hardworking, has developed from a then medical college into one medical university of today ------ the center for higher medical education, research,clinical medicine, preventive medicine and health care in Guangxi. In a new period of development, teachers and students of the school, with pragmatism, innovation, progress and enterprise as foundation for its development, are applying the Scientific Outlook on Development to our work, improving teaching quality and advancing colligate strength of our school for the purpose of building up a medical university with local feature and teaching-researching orientation.

Great achievements of discipline construction

Graduate students were enrolled in 1978 with the approval of the State Council. GMU was qualified to confer master’s degree in 1981 and doctorate degree in 1984, which was the first batch of institutions to confer master’s degree and the second batch to confer doctorate degree and the first doctoral discipline in Guangxi. The Mobile Station of Postdoctoral Clinical Research (clinical medicine) of GMU was established in 2001, which was the first of its kind in Guangxi’s higher institutes. Presently there are three mobile stations, including Pre-clinical Medicine, Pharmacology and Clinical Medicine.

At present there are 9 second-level doctoral disciplines:

Human Anatomy and Histo-embryology, Pharmacology, Pathology and Pathophysiology, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Oncology, Otoralyngology Epidemics and Health Statistics. There are 4 first-level disciplines, including Biomedical Engineering, Pre-clinical Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Health Statistics and 39 second-level master disciplines. There are 1 state key (cultivating) discipline, 1 key specialty of “the 11th Five-Year Plan” of the State Medicine and Drug Administration and 10 key provincial-level disciplines. There are 7 undergraduate specialties, including Clinical Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Stomatology, Pharmacology, Nursing, Laboratory Medicine and Information Management and Information Systems (Medicine). The seven-year program of clinical medicine was approved to enroll nation-wide in 2000, which was the first in Guangxi’s higher institutes.

There are 1 state-level specialty with characteristics and 3 provincial high-quality specialties. There are 17 provincial-level elite courses and 21 key courses.

A wealth of faculty

The school has a full-time faculty of 834, of whom 204 bears senior professional titles, 284 vice-senior titles, accounting for 58.51% of the full-time total. The teachers with doctoral degree are 225 in number, master 406, accounting for 75.66% of the full-time total. Tutors of doctor are 86 in number and advisers of master 405. The ratio of teachers to students is 13.81:1, and that in medical field 7.72:1. The teachers who enjoy the special allowance from the state government are 68 in number, the young and middle-aged specialists who bear the national level title of outstanding contribution 6, national model teachers, excellent teachers and pioneer workers 18, winners of the national May 1st Labor Medal 3, and winners of kinds of honor 52 person-times. In addition, the school has a group of excellent calibers, who are rated as candidates for cultivation projects of leading scholars at higher institutes of levels.

Good sources of students.

In 2003 our school began to enroll the students with their entrance-exam results qualified for key universities. And now there are 9264 full-time students on campus, of whom are undergraduates 4979 in number, master candidates 1705, doctoral candidates 149, international students 349, students of higher technical vocation and full-time adult 2082, coming from 26 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan province and 19 countries. Since 1978, the school has enrolled international students from 54 countries.

Notable achievements in teaching reform

With educational and teaching reforms being advanced, the priority of teaching in our school has been promoted. Since 2004, the university has assumed 499 research topics on teaching reform, with teaching achievement prizes awarded of 17 provincial level for recent 2 sessions, and has established 1 innovative and experimental zone for cultivating patterns of national level talents, 4 teaching theaters of provincial level. Teachers of the school have compiled or jointly compiled 109 sets of teaching materials, of which 49 is national project textbooks, 14 sets authored, winning 15 provincial level prizes for excellent teaching material, state or ministerial level prizes for multimedia teaching courseware, of which 5 is the national first prize, and 12 the second prize. From 2004 to 2007, the graduates from our school had taken part in the National Test for the Qualification of a Clinician, with throughput rates higher than those of the years respectively by 9.35%, 8.30%, 14.40% and 14.46%.

Our university regards the scientific research as the important measure to improve the teaching. Awarded the Scientific and Technological Progress Awards of national and provincial level, the research departments of Cancer Prevention and Treatment, Cardiovascular Diseases, snake venom and hemoglobinopathy still play an important role in the scientific research. We also strengthen the construction of Experimental Center of Medical Sciences of GXMU and Guangxi Laboratory Animal Center. For the past five years, Guangxi Medical University has acquired 1104 projects of national and provincial level, of which 51 have been funded by the National Natural Science Foundation and 91 projects have been awarded the Guangxi Scientific and Technological Progress Award. Basic and Clinical Study of Common Pate-Cervix Malignancy in Guangxi was awarded Guangxi Special Contribution Award for Science and Technology. 30 projects have been applied for the patent. 3755 research papers have been published in foreign journals and Chinese core journals, of which 62 have been included in SCI. There are 30 works edited and co-edited by the universities. PhD thesis The Effect of Leucocyte Interferon-5 on Pathogenesis of Bronchia Asthma  was assessed as the National Excellent PhD thesis, which is the first one among the universities in Guangxi. Innovative teams for respiratory diseases, popular disease in Guangxi, and organ rebuilding were assessed as “Teams for Innovation in the Construction of Talent Highlands in Guangxi Institutions of Higher Learning”.

Frequent international communication and cooperation.

GXMU have established relationships of cooperation and exchange with the universities, research institutions and hospitals of 54 countries and areas, the U.S. , Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, India, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Australia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, etc. And foreign scholars from many countries and regions have been to GXMU for academic exchanges and visits. Meanwhile, GXMU successively sent over 400 of its staff members abroad to give lectures, study, pursue degrees, and/or attend international conferences and lectures.

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Fees for MBBS in China in  GUANGXI MEDICAL UNIVERSITY 2016 Session, Rs 22.14 Lac Total
                                                    ( All Included, NO HIDDEN COST,  only Food expenses extra )
The total Package is Rs 22,14,000 approx  to be paid in yearly installments as the following:


We provide  Coordinator's service for all Indian students (travelling from India ) who will accompany with the student up to the
University. The coordinator will also set up everything for the student there in China like Hostel Room Allotment, Medical
Check Up in China, Medical Insurance, Residency Permit in the 1st year, so that the student will feel at home there.

No other Consultancy can do these essential duties for the students since none other than us know Chinese Language very
well plus most of the Consultancies do not have direct access in the University.

FEES TO BE PAID IN CHINA (At the start of every year, direct to University via Bank Transfer or by Cash in RMB)

= 35,000 ¥ x 5 = Rs 17,50,000 ( For calculation here 1 RMB ¥ = Rs 10 )
So total payment in China and India is Rs ( 17,50,000 + 4,00,000 ) = Rs 21,50,000
= Rs 21,50,000/- ( Total for 5 Years approx)

Fees and other charges not included in the package to be paid in China


Any insurance fee that the student may opt for while his stay in China from 2nd year. 1st Year its Compulsory.
Any Charges due to any damages caused to any other students or to the College
Any charges related to test, retest due to the failure in normal scheduled test  in any semester in any year.

1ST YEAR TOTAL EXPENSES : Rs 7,74,000 /- (including all, except food)
2ND TO 5TH YEAR (PER YEAR ) : Rs 3,60,000/- (including all, except food)

A partial advance deposit is required after getting the Admission Letter.
Our Consultancy Charges of Rs 4,00,000 includes the Following:
01. University Development Fees ( This constitutes 55% of our charges ).
02. Airfare one Side from Delhi / Kolkata to University / College
03. Visa charges with 100% Visa Guarantee
04. Authorization of Documents Charges
05. Legalization and Attestation of Documents Charges
06. Admission Letter from University
07. JW or Visa paper from Beijing
08. Courier of Admission Letter and other Documents from China
09. Arranging and sending students to China in batches
10. Accompanying with students from India to China
11. Immigration Clearance in China
12. Transfer from Nanning airport to University by bus
13. Arranging proper hostel for students
14. Assistance in Visa extension and registration in Government departments in China

15. Assisting in Medical Check Up and Medical Insurance in China
16. Most important .. Overall total care of the students in China for 5 years
All Admissions are strictly on the basis of 1st come 1st served.
Students who will book till February 2016 will get confirmed seat
After that we can not guarantee.
    Schedule of Payments in India
    For Indian Students
For Non Indian Students
    Along with Booking of Seat
    Rs 1,00,000/-
    1540 USD
    After getting the Admission Letter
    Rs 3,00,000/-
    4615 USD
    Rs 4,00,000/-
    6155 USD
   1st Year
   2nd Year
   3rd Year
   4th Year
   5th Year
   Tuition +
Hostel Fees
   35,000 RMB
   35,000 RMB
   35,000 RMB
   35,000 RMB
   35,000 RMB
   1st Year
   2nd Year
   3rd Year
   4th Year
   5th Year
     400 RMB
     400 RMB
     400 RMB
     400 RMB
     400 RMB
   1200 RMB
     600 RMB
     600 RMB
     600 RMB
     600 RMB
   800 RMB
  2400 RMB
   1000 RMB
   1000 RMB
   1000 RMB
   1000 RMB
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