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Study in China Medical University | Full English medium MBBS

Advantages of China Medical University


One of the top 10 medical schools in China with a history of 79 years and one of the oldest medical university to start MBBS in English medium (1978)


CMU follows the PBL system (Problem Based Learning), which is most modern and long time American pattern of study. It helps the students to clear USMLE easily. 


CMU has 3 large and modern super speciality affiliated hospitals, where students get exhaustive practical training during MBBS and can do internship in the final year if they wish.


  • 600 + Indian students right now studying in CMU

  • 40% are girl students

  • Only in CMU Single sharing room available for foreign students. 

  • Girls and Boys hostel buildings totally separate in CMU

China Medical University Fees | MBBS in China from Omkar Medicom

Eligibility for China Medical University

  • Age : 17 to 28 as on 31st December of year of Admission

  • Class 12 marks : 75 % minimum in PCB. 

  • NEET marks : Not yet decided 

  • Good health and proper mental condition

China Medical University Shenyang Climate

Shenyang is very cold in December / January, mild warm in the summer months. Inbuilt heater are there in every closed walls, to maintain 32° C everywhere during winter . 

Average temperature : 

April to August : 10 ° C to 25 ° C

Nov to February: 1 ° C to -11 ° C

China Medical University Brief Introduction


China Medical University or (CMU), originally established in 1931, is one of the 1st medical universities in China to enroll international students.

It is also one of the universities authorized by Ministry of Education China or MOE to teach medicine in English for international students. CMU started to take international students with Chinese government scholarship in 1976 and began to enroll international students for MBBS program in English medium in 2005.


International Students:

Currently, there are more than 700 international students from India, the United States of America, Japan, the Republic of Korea, and Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe. They are studying in the different levels, including doctoral students, post graduates, undergraduates.

In recent years, the international medical education of China Medical University has achieved great progress. A perfect teaching and management system has been formed. Student’s quality has been greatly improved. Its MBBS program in English medium has reached a leading level in China and won high international reputations.

After the start of the new campus at Puhe Road, education of the International students and their living conditions, perfection of teaching and administration have improved a lot.


Discipline details:

As of January 2016, China Medical University has

  • 6 first class disciplines with master degree authorization,

  • 63 discipline (Professional) with doctoral degree authorization,

  • 80 discipline (Professional) with master degree authorization,  

  • 5 national key disciplines,

  • 1 national key (Foster) discipline,  

  • 40 National Health Planning Commission National Clinical Key specialist construction projects,

  • 6 first class characteristic discipline in Liaoning Province,

  • 7 post doctoral mobile station,

  • 19 bachelor degree.


Campus Overview


China Medical University consists of 33 Colleges and Departments.

Some of these are :

  • 2 national research base,

  • 1 key laboratory of the Ministry of Education,

  • 1 national key laboratory training base built by the Ministry of Education and Liaoning Province,

  • 4 key laboratory of the national health and Family Planning Commission,

  • 3 Chinese Medicine Research Laboratory (grade three) of the State Administration of traditional Chinese Medicine,

  • 2 Major scientific and technological platform of Liaoning Province,

  • 16 key laboratory of Liaoning Province,

  • 15 University Key Laboratory of Liaoning Province,

  • 1 Engineering Technology Research Center of Liaoning Province,

  • 6 research center of Liaoning Province,

  • 13 Translational medicine research center of Liaoning Province,

  • 32 medical center of Liaoning Province.

Totally, more than 18,000 students are studying here including 730 International students.


The university has 2 campuses:

  • The main CMU campus and

  • The Shenbei campus

CMU campus covers a total area of 13,72,000 square meters, construction area of 7,02,800 square meters.




The library of China Medical University has:

  • A collection of 11,95,600 volumes,

  • Electronic resource meter 21 TB,

  • 35 kinds of English language text book database,

The Experimental Animal Research Center is the center of quality testing and the Research Key Laboratory of genetically modified animals in Liaoning province.


Affiliated Hospitals of China Medical University:


China Medical University has 3 affiliated Comprehensive hospitals and 1 Special hospital, These are:

  • The First Hospital of China Medical University,

  • Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University,

  • The Fourth Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University and

  • The Hospital of Stomatology.

These affiliated hospitals enjoy a high reputation in the northeast of China and provide a total number of more than 11000 beds. Students can have good practice, clinical rotation and internships here and receive enough exercises to be qualified as a doctor in the future.


Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University

Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University is known as the 2nd affiliated hospital of China Medical University.  The Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in the city of Shenyang, Liaoning Province. 

There is 6000 + staff in the hospital, including 4200 health professional and technical personnel, 600 professors and associate professors; 120 doctoral tutors, 236 master's tutors.

Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University has 25 secondary medical subjects, 62 tertiary medical subjects, 94 medical technology departments. The hospital provides a total number of 4400 beds, the annual amount of outpatients and emergency treatments is 242 million,  the annual amount of discharged patients is 10.6 million, 5.6 million cases in surgery, total assets over 2.63 billion CNY.

The hospital has more than

  • 5000 units of advanced diagnostic and treatment equipment, including

  • China's first 256 slice spiral CT,

  • Northeast China's first 3.0T magnetic resonance,

  • 64 row CT, PET-CT, X-ray knife,

  • Linear accelerator,

  • 3D-4D color Doppler ultrasound,

  • Gamma knife and confocal fiber electronic endoscope, etc.


Significant Achievements


China Medical University has trained a total of more than 8 million senior medical professionals, graduates from many countries and regions all over the world.  Among those students who graduated from China Medical University over a hundred people serve as deputy ministerial level or above, 9 people serve as minister, deputy minister of Ministry of Health, more than 40 are generals, 14  are academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences.


Communication and Cooperation


China Medical University cooperated with the Queen's University of Belfast and established a union college.


At the same time, China Medical University establish a good communication relationship with the United States, Britain, France, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Canada, Australia, Italy, Denmark, Spain, North Korea, Finland and Macao and other countries, 87 universities and scientific research institutions, carried out fruitful cooperation with the World Bank (WBG), the China Medical Foundation (CMB), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and other institutions.


315 internationally renowned experts and scholars have been employed as the honorary title of the school, in recent years China Medical University carried out 61 major international cooperation projects, 35 CMB projects.


Scholarship in China Medical University:


Liaoning Government Scholarship

In order to enhance the cooperation in the field of higher education and promote the development of higher education of International students in Liaoning Province, Liaoning Government has set up the Scholarship for International students.


China Medical University Address

China Medical University

N0.77 Puhe Road, Shenbei New District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, PR China, 110122

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Review of China Medical University

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