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MBBS in Jiangsu University China | B +++ Grade | medium budget


Salient features of Jiangsu University


Jiangsu University  is one of the best among B grade universities in China. It has full English medium MBBS  curriculum. Established in 2001, started English medium from 2005.


The MBBS programs has been listed by WHO's World Directory and is recognized by MCI, USMLE, UKPLAB etc. Approved by MCI from 2011. 


Jiangsu University has 1 direct affiliated hospital with 1500 inpatient beds.


presently 200 + Indian students are studying MBBS in English medium in Jiangsu University.


Jiangsu University Fees | MBBS in China | Omkar Medicom


Eligibility for MBBS admission in Jiangsu University

  • Age : 18 to 21 as on 30th July in the year of Admission (max 2 years gap from 10+2)

  • Class 12 marks : Good marks in PCB 

  • NEET marks : Minimum 300 in NEET in the current year.  

  • Good English proficiency.

  • Good health and proper mental condition, in accordance with the Health Standard for International Students stipulated by the Ministry of Education, China.

  • Good moral character and discipline towards the laws and regulations of the Chinese government and the university.

Jiangsu University Zhenjiang city Climate

Jiangsu University is located in Zhenjiang city in Jiangsu province. Zhenjiang has a temperate and continental monsoon climate, with four distinct seasons. Summer in Nanjing is hot and rainy, while winter it is usually cold. 

Average temperature : 

April to August : 15 ° C to 28 ° C

Nov to February: 2 ° C to 10 ° C


Jiangsu University, School of Medicine  Brief Introduction


Jiangsu University School of Medicine is an important part of Jiangsu University specialized in medical science. Jiangsu University was founded by combining the former Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, Zhenjiang Medical College and Zhenjiang Teachers’ College in August 2001. It is a Teaching and Research oriented comprehensive University.



Originally founded as Jiangsu Provincial Medical College in 1934, renamed as Zhenjiang Medical College in 1984 , merged with Jiangsu University and renamed Jiangsu University School of Medicine in 2001.


Campus Overview

Jiangsu University is situated in Zhenjiang, a historically and culturally renowned city in South East China close to Shanghai. The campus covers an area of 502 acres land and has buildings area of more than 14,00,000 sq mtrs.


Discipline details and Achievements:

There are five disciplines which can confer Master degrees. They are Clinical Laboratory Science, Immunology, Pathogenic Biology, Human Anatomy, and Histology Embryology and Physiology. The discipline of Clinical Laboratory Science can also confer a Doctoral degree. 


It has recently got more than 40 of National Natural Science Funds, and more than 40 research projects of Jiangsu Province. More than 400 papers are published on different journals at home and abroad, including 50 papers embodied by SCI.



Jiangsu University currently has approximately 300 full-time teachers in the school, among which are 110 professors, 190 associate professors.



There are 4000 undergraduate students, 500 graduate students and 400 international students (MBBS program) in the school.


Research and Laboratories:

There are

  • 2 research institutes,

  • 2 experimental teaching centers,

  • 20 departments in the school.


Affiliated Hospitals of Jiangsu University:

Jiangsu University School of Medicine has 1 directly affiliated hospital :

  • Affiliated Hospital of Jiangsu University or Zhenjiang Jiangbin Hospital.


Affiliated Hospital of Jiangsu University


Affiliated Hospital of Jiangsu University, founded in 1936, has now become a modern hospital with full academic subjects, well-equipped infrastructures, and strong technical force. Affiliated Hospital of Jiangsu University is a comprehensive level three first-class hospital with medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health care, and rehabilitation. 


Affiliated Hospital of Jiangsu University covers an area of 88,000 sq mtrs and has building area of 160,000 sq mtrs. The hospital has 2,000 staff and 1,500 beds for inpatients.


The hospital has about 400 doctors and masters, gradually forming a high level and internationalized talent team.


Affiliated Hospital of Jiangsu University has advanced equipment, such as

  • Siemens 52 ring PET - CT,

  • Wali speed laser scalpel,

  • Siemens 3.0 T magnetic resonance (NMR),

  • The single photon computed tomography scanners(SPECT) and

  • Large-scale biochemical analyzer, etc.


In the recent years, Affiliated Hospital of Jiangsu University has acquired more than 600 national, provincial and municipal scientific research subjects, held more than 80 international, national and provincial academic meetings and awarded the “scientific and technological progress advanced unit” by the city government every year.


Apart from the main affiliated hospital, Jiangsu University has more than 80 indirect affiliated hospitals, teaching hospitals and practical hospital for medical international students to have internship and clinical rotation.


These hospitals are scattered in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai.


International Student Education


Jiangsu University has opened English Medium Programs of Medical Bachelor/Undergraduate Degree (including MBBS and Pharmaceutical Science), Master/Postgraduate Degree and Doctoral /Ph.D. Degree to international students. The university pays high attention to the quality of international student programs and has established a scholarship system and is now providing students with scholarships of different types. 



In order to further develop the education of medical international students, Jiangsu University School of Medicine provides various scholarships for international students getting registered for degree education at Jiangsu University.

  • Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarship

  • Anxin Weiguang (A&W) Scholarship


A&W Scholarship is sponsored by Anxin Flooring Company (Shanghai) L.T.D., which is specially set for international students who have good character and enterprising spirit. 


Communication and Cooperation


Jiangsu University has established a long-term cooperative relationship with 67 universities and educational or research institutions in America, England, Germany, Australia, Thailand, Japan, Russia, France, Italy, Korea, India, Singapore, Sweden, Austria, Ghana, and Denmark.


Various international collaboration programs further contribute to Jiangsu University School of Medicine’s pursuit in education, research, and health service.


Jiangsu University Address

Jiangsu University School of Medicine

No. 301 Xuefu Road, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, P.R. China, 212013

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