20 Best reasons for choosing MBBS  In China For Indian Students

It's now too tough to get a medical seat in

Government Medical Colleges in India.

If you have a budget of more than Rs 75 Lac, then you can opt for

Private Medical Colleges in India.

If you do not have such a high budget, then far better will be to choose among numerous

Government Medical Colleges in China,

Russia, Ukraine or Private

Medical Colleges in Bangladesh,

Philippines, Georgia.

We, from Omkar Medicom, with a huge experience of 9 years and admitting more than 1500 students so far,

have find out Best reasons, which will help you to understand why will you select China as your destination for MBBS study.

Among all the MBBS Abroad choices available,

Chinese Medical Universities 

is obviously the best option.

Study MBBS in China for Indian students

or foreign students is best in the

45 MCI approved colleges in China list.

Please see the Points given below:

MBBS education in China in the top MBBS colleges in China is the best and the most economical Fee Structure option.

MBBS Fee Structure

The cost of MBBS in China is lower than private Indian medical colleges or medical universities in other countries. It starts from Rs 13 Lac for full course, without any Hidden Cost. 

Cost of MBBS in China

In China, these medical universities are Graded by the Chinese Government as A +++, A ++, A +, A, B +++, likewise to C grade. Please remember that the C Graded university in China is also far better than the best medical university in Georgia, Philippines, Central America, Kyrgyzstan or Kazakhstan.

Medical Universities in China A Grade

MBBS in China reviews is absolutely positive due to the excellent quality of teaching and Infrastructural facilities. Please see some REVIEWS HERE

MBBS in China reviews

If you search in Google or on Youtube, you will get various options for top 10 medical colleges in China or top 50 English medium medical universities in China. Omkar Medicom can assist you in the best possible way to select the best choice for you.

Top 10 Medical Colleges In China

Only quality and serious students can get admission in the Top Ranking Medical Universities in China. This makes a good ambiance among the students and creates an atmosphere of healthy competition among them.

Only quality students can get admission in China

Best practical teaching compared to any other country. In most of the colleges in China, a group of  5 students is given one cadaver (dead body required for anatomy dissection). In India its one Cadaver for 100 students.

Best Practical Teaching in MBBS China

The syllabus is almost similar to MCI and you have to follow the same books which are taught in Indian medical colleges. This will help you a lot to clear MCI Screening test or NEXT test in the future.

Syllabus of MBBS in China is same as India

MBBS degree in China holds a high-status value and valid all over the world, including USMLE, UKPLAB, AMC, SMC, MCI etc.

MBBS degree in China

In China, all medical schools offer a wide range of scholarships for deserving International students to study mbbs program, which range from Rs 50,000 per year to 100% of the mbbs fee. All students will get confirmed scholarship, who will take admission through Omkar Medicom in Nanjing Medical University, Jiangsu University, Anhui Medical University, and few others. Other University offers scholarships on the basis of semester results.

Scholarships for International students in China

Duration of MBBS Course is 4 years 9 months which is almost similar to India and less than other countries like Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia etc which has 6 years

MBBS Course Duration

MBBS admission in China process is quite simple and systematic and very much easy if you choose Omkar Medicom as your admission consultant.

Easy MBBS Admission Process in China

Study medicine in China in English medium, in any one of the top-rated university in China for MBBS with a very affordable MBBS China fees, is now available to Indian students in a limited quantity of seats, like 30 to 100 per university.

Limited Intake of Students

Best Student / Teacher Ratio in China, 4:1, which you will not find in any other country and 100% of the teachers are Doctors, 90% of them are Post Graduate degree holder from UK or USA.

Post Graduate Doctors are teachers in China

Each and every student is given one dummy 3D human organ in the theory class. No other country, including the USA, can think about this feature.

Teaching through Dummy 3D Human Organ

Since the theory syllabus is same as in India, the MCI passing number of students is highest in China among students from all countries.

Highest MCI Screening Test passing