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This is not official MCI website. Official site link is given below. But if you need to ask about approval of any college or any other matter related to foreign admission, you can call the following numbers. We will try to assist you as much as we can: 




MCI approved medical colleges in China 

Link to Medical Council of India Official Website


Medical Council of India (MCI) had published the list of 45 Chinese Universities on 15th May 2019, which have been approved and recognized by MCI. The list below is also available on the official website of Medical Council of India (MCI). The Ministry of Education (MOE) of People’s Republic of China has forwarded to MCI this list of 45 Universities which have been approved to enroll foreign students for the academic year 2019, for an Undergraduate Clinical Medical Course. They have further stated that the Department of Education of the People’s Republic of China has institutionalized the enrolment plan which includes these colleges/universities teaching in English medium.

MCI Screening Test / NEXT Test / How to Pass

  1. Jilin University                                                     

  2. China Medical University                                       

  3. Dalian Medical University                                      

  4. Capital Medical University                                     

  5. Tianjin Medical University                                     

  6. Shandong Medical University

  7. Fudan University

  8. Xinjiang Medical University

  9. Nanjing Medical University

  10. Jiangsu University

  11. Wenzhou Medical University

  12. Zhejiang University

  13. Wuhan University

  14. Huazhong University of Science & Technology

  15. Xi’an Jiaotong University

  16. Southern Medical University

  17. Jinan University

  18. Guangxi Medical University

  19. Sichuan University

  20. Chongqing Medical University

  21. Harbin Medical Science University

  22. Beihua University

  23. Liaoning Medical University

  24. Qingdao University

  25. Hebei Medical University

  26. Ningxia Medical University

  27. Tongji University

  28. Shihezi University

  29. Southeast University

  30. Yangzhou University

  31. Nantong University

  32. Suzhou University

  33. Ningbo University

  34. Fujian Medical University

  35. Anhui Medical University

  36. Xuzhou Medical University

  37. China Three Gorges University

  38. Zhengzhou University

  39. Guangzhou Medical University

  40. Zhongnan University

  41. Shantou University

  42. Kunming Medical University

  43. North Sichuan Medical University

  44. Southwest Medical University

  45. Xiamen University

Kindly note that 

  • Jilin Medical College and Jilin University are not same. Jilin Medical College is not approved by MCI in the 45 list.

  • Luzhou Medical College has been renamed South West Medical University

  • Dali University, Nanchang University, Jiamusi University and Weifang Medical University were black listed by Ministry of Education China, M.O.E. in 2015 due to excess intake of students. 

  • Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine has been black listed by M.O.E from 2018 due to huge number of extra students intake.