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MCI Screening Test | NEXT Test | How to pass



Latest news related to MCI Screening Test dated 28.03.2018:


Government of India has abolished MCI Screening test or FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination) which was treated as Licensing exam exclusively required for Indian students studying abroad.


From now on all MBBS students studying either in India (Government college or Private) or in any college / university in any country abroad will have to clear one uniform Licensing exam known as NEXT.


Click here for Government Notification regarding National Exit Test ( NEXT ).


Rules regarding NEXT has not been formulated yet (as on 31.03.2018). It may be more or less similar to the previous FMGE.

Only one difference has been noticed so far. Students going abroad on or after 1st June 2018 will have to qualify NEET exam in the same year of MBBS (China / Bangladesh / Nepal) or MD (Philippines / Russia / Ukraine / Kyrgyzstan / Kazakhstan / Georgia / America etc)

Details of the previous MCI Screening Test:


The Examination is held twice a year.


The test is conducted in English language.


There will be 300 multiple choice question (MCQ) of single response type in the paper (divided in two sittings of 150 qs each).


There is no negative marking.


An applicant shall be declared as having passed only if he/she obtains a minimum of 50% of marks in the examination.


Results (pass/fail) for eligible candidates will be displayed at the website and the office of NBE. There is no provision of review or re-totaling.


The applicants who qualify the Screening Test may apply to the Medical Council of India, New Delhi or to any State Medical Council for provisional/permanent  registration.


There are no restrictions on number of attempts that can be availed by an applicant.



The applicant must meet/fulfill the following criteria


He/she is a citizen of India


Possesses primary medical qualifications that are recognized by the Government of that country issuing that qualification and the holder of that qualification is entitled for practice in that country. The said medical school must be listed in the WHO directory of medical schools as well as in MCI approved list in the year of admission.


From 15.03.2002 and onwards all students are required to obtain an Eligibility Certificate from MCI  to study MBBS abroad. But students who has taken admission in Foreign medical college after 15.05.2013, will not require any Eligibility Certificate, till any further notification by MCI

Rule of this Eligibility Certificate also abolished for students going abroad on or after 1st June 2018. NEET qualified mark sheet is enough for their Eligibility.


How to clear MCI SCREENING test / NEXT test in the 1st attempt.


Students studying in China will always have the advantage to clear MCI test / NEXT test in the 1st attempt. This is because


1. Syllabus is China is exactly similar to India. Even you have to buy the books from India. The same  Indian author's books which are followed in Indian Medical Colleges are taught in China.. like B. D. Chaurasiya, K. D. Tripathi, Panikar, A. K. Jain, I. B. Singh etc. So you will have to study nothing extra for the MCI test.


2. The test questions are of 2 sets... One set depends on the practical aspect, hospital case study. Any one can score 75% marks in this set of questions. But another set of questions is based on the theory part which you will study in the 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year. Now when you will reach 5th year of your course, its obvious that you will forget the details of 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year, specially definitions, measurements, drug calculation etc etc. Suppose you scored 85-90% in History in Class 10 exam, but you wont be able to ans a single qs of history now. The same thing may happen when you will reach 5th year.


So wht will you do.... You will just study once more the text books of 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year in the final 3 - 4 months of 5th year.


Plus we are having a tie up with a few reputed coaching institutes in India who specialize in MCI test / NEXT test coaching. They will provide you online coaching and will conduct online mock test with a set of 5000 questions. This will help you to understand the pattern of question and secondly in which subject you are still weak a bit. These coaching centers generally charge Rs 15000 - 20000 for the whole 4 months of coaching online. You will be able to do all these things while you are in China only.


While being in China if you make a target of scoring minimum 70% marks in all the semester exams, then you will surely clear MCI test / NEXT test in once chance. Just remember to study the text books once more in the final 3 months.