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Ningxia Medical University | MBBS in China Omkar Medicom medium fees

Salient features of Ningxia Medical University


Ningxia Medical University  was established in 1958. It has 2 campuses: Shuangyi and Yanhu.


The MBBS programs has been listed by WHO's World Directory and is recognized by MCI, USMLE, UKPLAB etc.  


Ningxia Medical University has 11 affiliated hospitals out of which 5 are direct affiliated hospitals. It  has full English medium MBBS  curriculum. 


Presently 210 Indian students are studying MBBS in English medium in Ningxia Medical University out of 323 International students. 

Ningxia Medical University Fees | MBBS in China | Omkar Medicom

Eligibility for MBBS admission in Ningxia Medical University

  • Age : 17 to 24 as on 30th July in the year of Admission.

  • Class 12 marks : 70% in PCB, 70% in English in 10+2 exam. (Gujarat board & TN board practical marks will not be taken into consideration)

  • NEET marks : Minimum 150 in NEET in the current year.  

  • Good English proficiency.

  • Good health and proper mental condition, in accordance with the Health Standard for International Students stipulated by the Ministry of Education, China.

  • Good moral character and discipline towards the laws and regulations of the Chinese government and the university.

Ningxia Medical University, Yinchuan city Climate

Yinchuan, located in North Central China, has a temperate continental climate, very less rainfall but always plenty of sunshine. Climate here is windy and dry.

In spring it is warm and the summer is not long here. It rains mainly during June and September.

Average temperature : 

April to August : 11 ° C to 23 ° C

Nov to February: 1 ° C to -8 ° C

Ningxia Medical University details:


Ningxia Medical University was founded in the year of 1958 as Ningxia Medical College.

In 2008 the Ministry of Education China approved and promoted it to a comprehensive medical university.

In all these years of development, the university has progressed at a good pace due to special enforcement in infrastructure, specialty development, teaching and research level, teaching staff, etc.



  • 1958: Ningxia Medical College was founded.

  • 1962: Ningxia Medical College, Ningxia Agricultural College, and Ningxia Normal College were merged into Ningxia University,

  • October 1962: Ningxia University and Ningxia Medical College after being merged were renamed as School of Medicine of Ningxia University.


Discipline details:

The university has,

  • 10 Teaching and Scientific research assistant departments,

  • 10 Affiliated Hospitals,

  • 12 Teaching Hospitals, and over

  • 90 Training Hospitals and Field Practice bases.

The university offers 17 undergraduate degrees and 8 first-level disciplines in Post-Graduate Degree. 


Ningxia Medical University Campus Overview


Ningxia Medical University has 2 campuses:

  • Shuang Yi Campus or the Old Campus.

  • Yanhu Campus or the New Campus:

In total both the campuses have an area of 280 acres and building area of 2,85,000 sq meters.

International MBBS students will and live and study 1st year to 3rd year in Yanhu campus and 4th year to 5th year in Shuang Yi campus.

The living standard in Yanhu campus is excellent as it is newly built with all modern amenities and facilities.


There are more than

  • 5,700 faculty members and medical staff, including those of directly affiliated hospitals, out of them

  • 905 are Full-Time Teachers and

  • 723 are Associate Professors.

  • 51 Doctoral Supervisors and

  • 660 Master's Supervisors.

There are 9293 full-time students, including 1985 Ph.D. and Post-Graduate students, and 323 International students.


Library of Ningxia Medical University: 

Ningxia Medical University has a collection of more than 8,31,000 volumes of books both in Chinese and English language in the library.


Ningxia Medical University Affiliated Hospitals

Ningxia Medical University has in total:

  • 11 Affiliated Hospitals,

  • 5 are directly affiliated to the university,

  • 12 Teaching Hospitals, and

  • 90 Training Hospitals & Field Practice Centers.

These 90 Training Hospitals & Field Practice Centers are located in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Shandong, Liaoning, Qinghai, and other provinces


The General Hospital of Ningxia Medical University

The General Hospital of Ningxia Medical University is one of the national 500 largest hospitals, and the medical service of the hospital provides treatment to the adjacent areas of Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, and Gansu province, etc.


Infrastructure facilities of Lab and Research


  • Key Laboratories and scientific-research platform

  • Key Laboratory Jointly Sponsored by the Ministry of Education and the Autonomous Region

  • Key Laboratory of Fertility Maintenance

  • Key Laboratory of Hui Medicine Modernization Research

  • National Key Laboratory Cultivating Base Jointly Sponsored by Sci-tech Ministry and the Autonomous Region

  • Key Laboratory of Ningxia Craniocerebral Disease


Academician Workstation

  • Ningxia Medical Science Academician Working Station

  • Ningxia Liupanshan Medicinal Resources’ Development and Utilization Academician Working Station

  • Research Institutes (provincial level)

  • Ningxia Medical Science Institute

  • Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases of Ningxia Medical University

  • Institute of Tumor Diseases of Ningxia Medical University

  • Institute of Family Planning Science of Ningxia Medical University

  • Institute of Neurological Disease of Ningxia Medical University

  • Ningxia Medical Research Institute

  • Ningxia Basic Medical Science Institute

  • Ningxia Digestive Diseases Institute

  • Ningxia Human Stem Cell Institute

  • Ningxia Medical Laboratory Science Institute

  • Ningxia Oral Medicine Institute

  • Ningxia Health Management and Policy Research Institute


Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center

  • National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center

  • Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Basic Medical Science

  • Province-leveled Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center

  • Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Preventive Medicine

  • Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Medical Physics

  • Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Nursing

  • Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Clinical Skills Training

  • Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Basic Medicine

  • Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Surgery

  • Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Pharmacy


Significant Achievements

In recent years, Ningxia Medical University has won 1893 varied scientific research projects, and more than 120 million Yuan was the budget of these projects.

It has also achieved

  • 78 Provincial Science And Technology progress prizes,

  • published 385 SCI papers, and

  • published 40 academic books.


Communication and Cooperation

Ningxia Medical University has built up close tie-up with different medical colleges and universities of different countries.

International Communication and Cooperation are with:

  • University of South Florida

  • Aalborg University

  • Dubai University

  • Birmingham City University

  • Bethune Oriental Medicine Center

  • University of Ferrara

  • Sanford School of Medicine, University of South Dakota

  • University of Toyama

  • Shimane University

  • University of Canberra

  •  Australia National University

  • Queensland Institute of Medical Research

  • Alberta Health and Wellness, Canada

  • School of Medicine, University of Hawaii

  • School of Medicine, Yamagata University


International Students

The number of international students is approximately 323 who are studying MBBS in English medium.



  • Scholarship of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Government

  • Scholarship of Ningxia Medical University

  1. First-class scholarship

  2. Second-class scholarship

  3. Third-class scholarship


Ningxia Medical University Address

Ningxia Medical University


N0.1160 Shengli Road, Xingqing District, Yinchuan City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, PR China, 750004



692 Shengli St, Xingqing Qu, Yinchuan Shi, Ningxia Huizuzizhiqu, China, 750001