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Salient features of MBBS in Qingdao University


Qingdao University was originally established in 1909, by the Chinese and German governments as Qingdao Medical College.

In 1993, Qingdao Medical College, Shandong Textile Engineering College, and Qingdao Normal College, merged to form the new Qingdao University.


Qingdao has at present 32000 full time undergraduate students, 7,400 post graduate students, and 1600 international students in different fields of studies.


Qingdao University has a total area of 940 acres spread over 5 campus in Qingdao city.

At present, Qingdao University is one of the best comprehensive universities in Shandong Province


Over 100 research labs, teaching and research facilities are well-equipped. The university library houses a collection of over 3,550,000 volumes.


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Eligibility for MBBS admission in Qingdao University

  • Age : 18 to 22 as on 30th July in the year of Admission.

  • Class 12 marks : Good marks in PCB, 70% in English in 10+2 exam. 

  • NEET marks : Minimum 200 in NEET in the current year.  

  • Good English proficiency.

  • Good health and proper mental condition, in accordance with the Health Standard for International Students stipulated by the Ministry of Education, China.

  • Good moral character and discipline towards the laws and regulations of the Chinese government and the university.

Qingdao Climate

Qingdao has a temperate monsoon climate with distinct marine features. All four seasons are mild without extreme cold or hot temperatures.

Average temperature : 

April to August : 17 ° C to 20 ° C

Nov to February: -1 ° C to 9 ° C


Qingdao University College of Medicine Introduction.

Qingdao University was originally established in 1909 and Medical College of Qingdao University is located in the center of Qingdao, Central North East China.


Qingdao University Discipline Details:

Qingdao University Medical College of has 9 doctoral programs (Ph.D), 114 master’s programs (Post-Graduation) with 29 provincial key disciplines. The Undergraduate Disciplines are:

  • Clinical Medicine (MBBS),

  • Medical Test,

  • Oral Medicine,

  • Medical Imaging,

  • Preventive Medicine, etc.

Among the above, MBBS in English medium is a provincial key specialty. Ophthalmology is also one of the important national key disciplines in this medical College.


Qingdao University Campus Overview

The beautiful campus of Qingdao University Medical College has a total area of 445 acres and total floor area of 10,90,000 square meters. Qingdao University International Program Building is a multifunctional compound, having all modern facilities for teaching, learning, living facilities, digital classrooms, hostel accommodation, canteen, teaching room, Internet room and a gymnasium. All lecture rooms are highly equipped with advanced audio and video facilities.

Medical College of Qingdao University is located in the beautiful seaside, highly developed port city of Qingdao.


Students of Qingdao University:

Qingdao University in total has now over 32,000 students in all disciplines, of whom over 7400 are postgraduates, nearly 1600 are overseas students from 30 countries. Among the foreign students, 300+ are studying MBBS in English, 70% of them are Indian students. Rest are from 12 other countries.


Affiliated Hospitals of Qingdao University:

Medical College of Qingdao University has

  • 7 affiliated hospitals,

  • 5 teaching hospitals,

In total these hospitals have 18000 beds.

The Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University was established way back in 1898. It is a provincial comprehensive teaching hospital, constructed with a total floor area of 2,00,000 square meters.


Library of Qingdao University:

The library Qingdao University has a collection of 30,25,000 books in Chinese, English and Japanese language. It is also equipped with digital system like advanced CD-Rom retrieval system and network query system.


Significant Achievements

In recent years, the college has finished more than 300 items of Provincial Level Scientific Research topic, and has won 64 items of the Provincial Level Scientific Research topic. The college is equipped with advanced instruments worth more than 30 million Chinese Yuan ¥.


Communication and Cooperation

Medical College of Qingdao University actively cooperates with some overseas organizations and  has established strong academic partnership and exchange programs with 130 Universities and Colleges in 20 countries, which includes

  • The USA,

  • Britain,

  • Germany,

  • Japan,

  • South Korea,

  • Russia,

  • Canada,

  • Australia,

  • Sweden,

  • Singapore, and

  • Israel.


Qingdao University Scholarships for foreign students:

Shandong Provincial Government Scholarship for Foreign Students. Nearly 30% foreign students of each year will get scholarship which range from Rs 50,000 per year to Rs 3,00,000 per year.


Qingdao University Address:

Medical College of Qingdao University

N0.38 Dengzhou Road, in the North District of the city, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, PR China

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