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Qiqihar Medical University, best low fees medical university in China

Salient features of Qiqihar Medical University

All Admissions for 2019 closed in this University


Best low cost medical University in China. Established in 1946,  started  MBBS in English medium from 2010.


The MBBS programs has been listed by WHO's World Directory and is recognized by MCI, USMLE, UKPLAB etc. Approved by MCI from 2016. 


Qiqihar has 9 Affiliated Hospitals with a daily OPD patients of 14,500 and In Patients 1,200 per day. Apart from these there are 27 teaching hospitals.


At present Qiqihar has 400 + Indian students. Its very much popular among Indian students because of its Indian mess inside campus.

Qiqihar Medical University Fees | MBBS in China

Eligibility for Qiqihar Medical University

  • Age : 17 to 23 as on 30th July in the year of Admission

  • Class 12 marks : Good marks in PCB 

  • NEET marks : Not yet decided.  

  • Good health and proper mental condition. 

Qiqihar Climate

Average temperatures in Qiqihar vary an incredible amount. Winters are quite cold and summer pleasantly warm. All rooms are fitted with heaters to main +32° C. Students will not face any problem at all. Biggest plus point of qiqihar weather is that there is abundant sunshine always. 

Average temperature : 

April to August : 14 ° C to 27 ° C

Nov to February: -11 ° C to  16 ° C

Qiqihar Medical University or QMU, is a Government Medical University in China. It is located in Qiqihar city beside Nenjiang River in Heilongjiang Province. Established in 1946, the University has a history of more than 72 years.

Qiqihar Medical University History

Qiqihar Medical University Library has a collection of 12,00,000 volumes of books. The University also has already established the campus network system with 4000 kinds of online teaching resources.

Qiqihar Medical University LIBRARY 

Qiqihar Medical University has a total Faculty and staff of 3,500 including 900 professors and associate professors. More than 70% of the professors hold master’s degree. 15000 students are studying here at present, out of which 500 are International students who study in English medium.

Qiqihar Medical University Facts , FACULTY

Qiqihar Medical University  has 9 Affiliated Super-specialty Hospitals. Daily average Out Door Patients are 14,500 and daily average In Patients are 1,200. Apart from these there are 27 teaching hospitals. 

Qiqihar Medical University Affiliated Hospitals

The University has 28 research institutes, including Post-doctoral Research Centers, Research and Development Lab. More than 3,000 academic papers, works and textbooks have been issued and published according to 2016 -  2017 statistical report.

Qiqihar Medical University Research works

QMU has established interscholastic relationships with many universities nationally, regionally and internationally, such as Japan, Russia, Philippines, South Africa and Thailand etc. The University has also recruited foreign teachers to teach International students in English medium.

Qiqihar Medical University International Cooperation

Pictures of Qiqihar Medical University by Omkar Medicom


Qiqihar Medical University Omkar Medicom students