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Study MBBS in Shandong University in China | Full English medium



One of the top 10 Universities  in China, Shandong University is a member university of Project 211 and Project 985. MBBS in English medium started from 2002.


Shandong University comprises 8 campuses : Jinan Central Campus, Hongjialou Campus, Baotuquan Campus, Qianfoshan Campus, Software Park Campus, Xinglongshan Campus, Qingdao Campus and Weihai Campus in Jinan, Qingdao and Weihai, covering an area of over 533 hectares


The university currently has 4 affiliated hospitals, 3 non-subordinate affiliated hospitals and 13 teaching hospitals.


Presently there are 150 + Indian students studying MBBS in this university

Salient features of MBBS in Shandong University


Shandong University MBBS Fees | Omkar Medicom


Eligibility for MBBS admission in Shandong University

  • Age: Above 18 but below 30 as on date of application.

  • Good health. People with infectious diseases, chronic disease or other diseases which may affect the study process can apply only after they have recovered. People with mental disorders or psychological illness are not eligible to apply.

  • English language requirements : must have sound knowledge and conversation and writing power in English.

  • Applicants should have good academic scores in English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology in Class 12 board exam (min 65 in each subject).

  • NEET : min NEET general quota qualification marks in the year of admission

Shandong University, Jinan Climate

Shandong University is located in Jinan city, China. Jinan climate is cold in winter and hot in summer while in spring the weather often becomes mainly dry with some rain.

Average temperature : 

April to August : 16 ° C to 28 ° C

Nov to February: 0 ° C to  9 ° C


Why Study MBBS in Shandong University, Cheeloo College of Medicine.


Brief Introduction

Shandong University is under the direct jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education. It is a key comprehensive university with a long history, a variety of disciplines, strong academic strength, and distinctive characteristics, which has great influence both in China and abroad.

Shandong University is a member university of Project 211 and Project 985, two national key Education projects to support the development of high quality universities.


Shandong University, established in 1901, was the second national university in China. The medical college of this university is known as Cheeloo College of Medicine was originally established in 1864 and later merged with Shandong University.


International Students:

At present 400 + foreign students are studying MBBS in English medium in this high ranking university. International students are mostly from India, Pakistan, South Africa, some European countries etc.


Affiliated Hospitals:

Cheeloo College of Medicine has 4 Affiliated Hospitals and 13 Teaching Hospitals.  This  includes:


Qilu Hospital of Shandong University,

The Second Hospital of Shandong University,

Shandong Provincial Hospital,

Jinan Central Hospital,

Qianfoshan Hospital in Shandong Province,

Affiliated Reproduction Hospital of Shandong University.


These hospitals will provide all the scope to practice and interact with local patients for International students who will take admission in MBBS in China in this University.


Significant Achievements:

For the past few years, the School of Medicine has completed more than 800 research projects of “973” and “863” programs, National Key Scientific and Technological Research Programs, National Outstanding Youth Foundation and National Natural Science Foundation. It has also won 190 scientific and technological awards at national, ministerial and provincial levels. Nearly 7000 essays have been published in national and international academic periodicals, like Nature Genetics, Cell, and Blood.


International Communication and Cooperation

Shandong University School of Medicine actively carries out substantial exchanges and cooperation with high levels of medical colleges and universities in China and abroad, such as:


Baylor College of Medicine

University of Kentucky

University of Ulm

Pusan University

Sungkyunkwan University

Yonsei University

Wakayama Medical University

The University of British Columbia

University of Cincinnati

University of Montreal

National Yang-Ming University

University of Nebraska Medical Center

Post Graduation facilities 

Shandong University has the following 32 Postgraduate / PG Degree programs in English Medium:


  • Physiology

  • Medical Psychology

  • Neurobiology

  • Genetics

  • Cell Biology

  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

  • Human Anatomy, Histology & Embryology

  • Immunology

  • Pathogenic Biology

  • Pathology & Pathophysiology

  • Pharmacology

  • Biomedical Ethics

  • Internal Medicine

  • Neurology

  • General Medicine

  • Surgery

  • Pediatrics

  • Otorhinolaryngology or ENT

  • Gynecology & Obstetrics

  • Emergency Medicine

  • Nuclear Medicine

  • Rehabilitation Medicine & Physiotherapy

  • Geriatrics

  • Clinical Laboratory Diagnostic

  • Anesthesiology

  • Ophthalmology

  • Dermatology & Venereology

  • Imaging & Nuclear Medicine

  • Clinical Discipline of Chinese & Western Integrated Medicine

  • Biomedical Medicine

  • Clinical Epidemiology and Evidence-based Medicine

  • Oncology


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