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Study MBBS in Zhejiang University | top 10 in China

All Admissions for 2019 closed in this University

Important Advisory to the students:

►Zhejiang University, ►Zhejiang Medical College and ►Zhejiang Chinese Medical University are 3 different Universities or colleges. 

  1. Zhejiang University is the original one highly reputed MCI approved and MBBS course is in English medium.

  2. Zhejiang Medical College and Zhejiang Chinese Medical University both are purely Chinese medium college and have no link with Zhejiang University. 

  3. Only similarity is all 3 are located in the same city. 

  4. Some dishonest Agencies in India are admitting students in Zhejiang Medical College and Zhejiang Chinese Medical University showing them that these 2 are also same as Zhejiang University. 

Please do not get fooled by these dishonest agencies. 

Advantages of Zhejiang University


One of the top 5 Universities  in China with a history of 120  years and University started  MBBS in English medium from 2002.


The MBBS programs has been listed by WHO's World Directory and is recognized by MCI, USMLE, UKPLAB etc.


Zhejiang University has 6 modern super specialty, Grade III, Class A  affiliated hospitals (Total 7700 beds)


200 + Indian students right now studying in ZJU. This university has mixed students from many countries including Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, India, Kuwait, Pakistan etc

Zhejiang University Fees |MBBS in China for Indian students

Eligibility for Zhejiang University

  • Age : 18 to 25 as on 31st December of year of Admission

  • Class 12 marks : 75 % minimum in PCB, 70% in English. 

  • NEET marks : Not yet decided 

  • Good health and proper mental condition

  • Original marks sheets of 10 and 12 or notarized copies required for ZJU. 

Hangzhou Climate

Hangzhou weather is generally warm and mild all year round, with abundant sunshine and rainfall. 

Average temperature : 

April to August : 16 ° C to 28 ° C

Nov to February: 4 ° C to  10 ° C

Zhejiang University, School of Medicine Brief Details:


History of Zhejiang University School of Medicine:

  • Zhejiang University School of Medicine was founded in 1912 in Hangzhou which is 180 KM away from Shanghai.

  • Chekiang Provincial College of Medicine, founded in 1912 and the National Chekiang University Medicine College, founded in 1945 was merged in 1952 and established a new college named Zhejiang Medical College. This Zhejiang Medical College was later upgraded as Zhejiang Medical University in 1960.

  • In 1998, Zhejiang Medical University was merged with Zhejiang University, Hangzhou University, and Zhejiang Agriculture University to form the current Zhejiang University, and in 1999, the School of Medicine and College of Pharmaceutical Sciences was formed.

  • In 2009 Ministry reform was done, and  The School of Medicine and College of Pharmaceutical Sciences was reorganized again, and the present day Zhejiang University School of Medicine was formed.


Total Discipline details in Zhejiang University:

Zhejiang University has 100 unique and core disciplines in Under-graduation, Post-Graduation and Ph.D. Combined effect of all these have raised Zhejiang University as a high ranking University in the world. The High World Ranking of Zhejiang University is not for only 1 or 2 disciplines only. These Disciplines are:


All 100 Disciplines in Zhejiang University

1)LL.M. in Chinese Law, 2)International Relations, 3)Public Administration, 4)MBA, 5)Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, 6)Crop Science, 7)Animal Nutrition and Feed Science, 8)Comparative Education, 9)Computer Applied Technology, 10)Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics, 11)Material Science and Engineering, 12)Medicine MBBS, 13)Chemical Engineering, 14)Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 15)Architecture, 16)Mechatronic Engineering, 17)Control Science and Engineering, 18)Animal Nutrition and Feed Science, 19)Foreign Languages and Literatures, 20)Agricultural Biological Environmental and Energy Engineering, 21)Food Science, 22)Processing and Storage of Agriculture Products, 23)Environmental Science, 24)Environmental Engineering, 25)Soil Science,  26)Plant Nutrition, 27)Agricultural Remote Sensing and Information Technology, 28)Water Resource Utilization and Protection, 29)Environmental Remediation and Resource Recycle, 30)Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 31)Crop Cultivation and Farming System, 32)Crop Genetics and Breeding, 33)Pomology, 34)Olericulture, 35)Tea Science,  36)Plant Pathology, 37)Nuclear Technology, 38)Pesticides, 39)Agricultural Entomology and Pest Control, 40)Animal Genetics, 41)Breeding and Reproduction Science, 42)Ocean Resource and Environment, 43)Animal Nutrition and Feed Science, 44)The Rearing of Special-type Economic Animals (including Silkworm, Honeybees, etc.), 45)Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 46)Social Security, 47)Non-Traditional Security Management, 48)Management Science and Engineering, 49)Enterprise Management, 50)Biomedical Engineering, 51)Electronic Information, 52)Technology and Instruments, 53)Materials Physics and Chemistry, 54)Materialogy, 55)Electrical Engineering, 56)Electrical Power System and its Automation, 57)Thermal Power Engineering, 58)Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering, 59)Computer Science and Technology, 60)Chemical Engineering and Technology, 61)Chemistry and Physics of Polymers, 62)Polymer Materials, 63)Optical Engineering, 64)Optical Communication Technology, 65)Telecommunication and Information System, 66)Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Theory, 67)Microelectronics and Solid Electronics, 68)Information and Telecommunication Engineering, 69)Control Science and Engineering, 70)Fundamental Mathematics, 71)Computational Mathematics, 72)Applied Mathematics, 73)Operational Research and Cybernetics, 74)Statistics, 75)Theoretical Physics, 76)Condensed Matter Physics, 77)Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics, 78)Plasma Physics, 79)Radio Physics, 80)Atom and Molecular Physics, 81)Optics, 82)Chemistry, 83)Geodetection and Information Technology, 84)Applied Psychology, 85)Comparative Education, 86)Botany, 87)Zoology, 88)Microbiology, 89)Physiology, 90)Neural Biology, 91)Genetics, 92)Developmental Biology, 93)Cell Biology, 94)Biophysics, 95)Bio-informatics, 96)Ecology, 97)Bridge and Tunnel Engineering, 98)Harbor, 99)Coastal and Offshore Engineering, 100)Marine Sciences,


Disciplines of School of Medicine:

School of Medicine is composed of 8 faculties: Basic Medicine, Public Health, First Clinical Medicine, Second Clinical Medicine, Third Clinical Medicine, Dental Medicine, Stomatology and Nursing.

Medical Programs - MBBS


International Students

Zhejiang University School of Medicine started MBBS in English medium for overseas students from 2006. Currently, there are 500 students out of which 120 are from India. Rest all students are from Sri Lanka and 63 other countries.


Campus Overview

Zhejiang University has five campuses, namely Zijingang, Yuquan, Xixi, Huajiachi, and Zhijiang campus, All these 5 campuses of Zhejiang University where the above 100 disciplines are taught, have a total area of 1112 acres with school buildings covering 23,08,783 square meters of floor space.

School of Medicine of Zhejiang University is located in Zijingang campus.



All the 5 campuses libraries have a collection of more than 67,10,000 volumes of books.


Affiliated Hospitals of Zhejiang University:

Zhejiang University School of Medicine has 7 Grade 3 Class A hospitals:

  • The First Affiliated Hospital,

  • The Second Affiliated Hospital,

  • Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital,

  • The Affiliated Women’s Hospital,

  • The Affiliated Children’s Hospital,

  • The Affiliated Dental Hospital And

  • The Seventh Affiliated Yiwu Hospital.

These 7 hospitals have,

  • 7700 in-patient beds,

  • 87,80,000 emergency visits in 2017,

  • 2,38,000 in-patients in 2017.

The Affiliated Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital (SRRSH) is a 1200 in-patient bed hospital in eastern Hangzhou.

The Seventh Affiliated Yiwu Hospital is the first affiliated hospital outside Hangzhou.

2 more hospitals named Zijingang Medical Center and Huajiachi Dental Center are under construction now.


Communication and Cooperation - International Exchange of Zhejiang University:

In order to make it as a world-class medical college, Zhejiang University School of Medicine has established international cooperation and exchanges with a number of well known overseas medical schools.


Scholarships in Zhejiang university:

2 different Scholarships in Zhejiang University School of Medicine, for International Students

  • Medical School scholarship

  • Zhejiang University Scholarship


Accommodation in Zhejiang University School of Medicine, China

  • On-Campus Hostel: Zhu Zhen Hall, No.31 Dormitory Building, Cuibai Lyceum Dormitory.

  • Rent off the Campus

Zhejiang University has kept 2 types of options for student’s accommodation, both On-Campus, and Off-Campus. At present 7,748 international students are studying in 100 different disciplines at Zhejiang University. That is why due to a shortage of hostel rooms inside the campus, students are allowed to stay off-campus which will be higher expensive than On-Campus hostel.


Address of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, China

Zhejiang University School of Medicine

No.866 Yuhangtang Road, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, PR China, 310058

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