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Zhengzhou University | Top Ten MBBS Colleges in China | Omkar Medicom

Salient Features of Zhengzhou University

  • Top Graded University in China, World rank 877 in 2018.

  • Airfare is also low. (Rs 20,000/- approx) University is located in ZHENGZHOU city. 5 hrs journey from Kolkata airport.

  • 4 Canteens within the campus with normal Indian food. But please do not expect all kind of Indian food to be available and its true for anywhere in China.

  • Indian books followed, MCI syllabus. In some other Universities in China student has to waste time in studying Chinese literature too.

  • Till last year the % of girl student was nearly 40%, this year we expect it to rise to 45%.

  • Separate hostel buildings for girl students.

  • Every room has attached bath fitted with geyser, and with kitchen.

  • Total 9 affiliated Hospitals within the campus,

  • Perhaps the biggest campus in China, 2000 acres.

  • Chances of doing PG later on at a very nominal rate and may be free too if the student can get 70% plus marks throughout all the semesters.

  • Weather is pleasant. Highest temperature in Summer is 32 °C, lowest in Winter is 0 or -2 °C .

Zhengzhou University Fees | MBBS in China | Omkar Medicom

Eligibility for Zhengzhou University

  • Age : 18 to 25 as on 31st December of year of Admission

  • Class 12 marks : 70 % minimum in PCB and 70 in English 

  • NEET marks : 200 + (a little less can be admitted if we get application before NEET exam)

  • Good health and proper mental condition

Weather of Zhengzhou University city

Nanjing has a temperate and continental monsoon climate, with four distinct seasons. Summer in Nanjing is hot and rainy, while winter it is usually cold. 

Average temperature : 

April to August : 15 ° C to 28 ° C

Nov to February: 2 ° C to 10 ° C

In Zhengzhou University, a lot of learning and living facilities are there. Those include beautiful campus, all round collection library, well equipped classroom and dormitory, world class affiliated hospital for clinical program, freely accessed sport fields, fitness center, museum, campus wide WIFI, convenient store and clinic etc.

Zhengzhou University Top Facilities

Zhengzhou University has in total 54 libraries in 2 categories.  One is University Library and second is  School Libraries. Each School under Zhengzhou University  has a library which contains the standard text books, along with other materials relating to more specialized collections of books, journals, periodicals and electronic resources for particular subjects.

Zhengzhou University LIBRARY 

Zhengzhou University has numerous Research Centers. Some of these are:

Key Laboratory of clinical medicine

Key Laboratory of tumor pathology

Laboratory of chemical biology

Key Laboratory of liver disease Pharmacology

Key Laboratory of molecular medicine

Key Laboratory of esophageal cancer

Zhengzhou University Key Laboratories

Zhengzhou University is a National  Key University of "World 1st Class University Project" has intercollegiate cooperative relationship with 170 universities from more than 40 countries, mainly United States, United Kingdom, France, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Russia, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Finland, Ukraine, etc.

Zhengzhou University International Relation

Zhengzhou University has different types of scholarship for International students:

  1. Chinese Government Scholarship

  2. Confucius Institute Scholarship

  3. Henan Government Scholarship

  4. Zhengzhou University President Scholarship

  5. University Scholarships For Excellent International Students

Zhengzhou University Scholarship

Zhengzhou has 4 types of building for International students. All hostel Rooms are equipped with attached bathroom with geyser, complete set of furniture, an air conditioner, and heater. Every floor of the hostel has a public kitchen and laundry room.

Zhengzhou University International Hostel

Pictures of Zhengzhou University by Omkar Medicom

Videos of Zhengzhou Medical University by Omkar Medicom